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1. Best Prices: Everyone has travel deals, but are you getting the best value? Let us find out and do the research for you! 2. A Totally Tailored Trip: Today, there are more cruise and land vacation choices than ever before making it possible for travel agents to tailor trips to each client’s travel preferences. We will get to know you and provide insider tips and recommendations for a vacation that you will never forget! 3. In Expert Hands: Travel agents are a wealth of information with plenty of real world travel experience. Agents can provide incredible advice for making the most of a cruise like the best onboard cafes or cruise ship activities for children as well as expertise on travel insurance, dining times and cabin location. As for land vacations, travel agents can suggest resorts that caters to the needs of the client and even find deals such as kids stay free or resort coupons.  4. Deals & Discounts: Many travel agents have access to deals and discounts that aren’t available to consumers booking directly. Agents sometimes have the ability to book in bulk so clients are privy to lower pricing for booking through an agent. 5. Perks & Personalized Travel: There really are more perks when working with travel agents! Many agents can offer clients incredible perks like complimentary bottles of wine, vouchers for free specialty meals, prepaid gratuities, and onboard spending money. In addition to fun extras, agents can also arrange personalized travel details for milestone celebrations, family reunions and more. 6. Industry Insiders: We are the first to know about a new resort, cruise ship or tour. We can help you travel with the latest and greatest! 7. Peace Of Mind: Travel agents will protect will protect you. We make sure you have the proper peace of mind with the right travel insurance to keep your family safe and protected. 8. Time Savings: The average vacation takes approximately 5 hours to plan. We know who to contact to get what we need to create the perfect travel experience, saving you hours of frustration. 9. Help Is A Phone Call Away: Don’t panic, call your travel agent! If you run into any issues, we act on your behalf and make sure any problems are solved to your satisfaction. 10. Money Savings: The biggest myth about Travel Agents is that they cost you money! Not only do we not cost you more money, we help you save time and money!

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